Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I have gotten some great surprises today! I only had one kiddo in the daycare today and when her Mom dropped her off she said that she may be getting off early and that she would call me so I knew whether or not to lay Monster down for her afternoon nap. Well, she called and said that she was working a full day after all and so I should lay her down. Kinda bummed, but at least I didn't have the crowd I had yesterday, so ok sure, I'll lay her down. Well about a half an hour later she calls again and asks if Monster is napping, I say no and she says, "Great, I'll be there in about ten minutes!" Coolness!
I also got an email from Snapfish saying that my 165 pictures or so that I am having printed from Christmas have been printed and shipped! Wonderful since I uploaded them New Year's Day and I figured the backlog with no mail yesterday and everything would put me way way back on the list, especially with that many pics!!!
And then to top it all off, I got my package from that they had told me wouldn't arrive until next Monday! That means two new Veggie Tales movies for the kiddos to watch, and the newest Chris Tomlin cd for me to listen to!!! I luv luv luv his music! We have sung at least a couple of his songs, I believe, in Worship Team.
Thinking about Worship Team and church and all reminds me of my goal, I guess you could call it New Year's Resolution, my goal for this year is to keep reading my Bible. It is all too easy to get too busy with things going on through the day, or sabotage yourself like I have in years past by trying to read too much (the read the Bible in a year thing just doesn't work for me) and feel like a failure. Once again PM came to my rescue one Sunday during services, unknowingly, and said that it doesn't matter if you can read through the Bible in a year or not, the important thing is that you are reading something from it, and from that something you read that you are retaining it. That something you read hits home and you remember it, you meditate on it. Now that I can handle! I know, I know a whole three days in to the year, easy to say now. I always felt like I was failing and that there was something wrong that I couldn't sit down and read through the plan that they have set up to get through the Bible in a year and I would get behind and then just throw in the towel and not read anything for the longest time because I would think, Why bother, I can't do it anyway! Any of you reading feel free to ask me from time to time how it is going to hold me accountable!
Which through another rabbit trail brings me to another thought I had today....I absolutely loved Holli's post over at Baby Faith Monday, on the subject of New Year's Resolutions and agree with her 100% and in doing my reading from the little devotional book I have, Our Daily Bread, I found something that runs right along with her feelings....they start with a quote from the movie Gladiator from Maximus Decimus Meridius which says...."What we do in life echoes in eternity." They go on to say that....We are not just taking up time and space on a rock that's floating in the univers. We are here with the opportunity to make an eternal difference with or lives.
Jesus Himself said, "Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal."(Matthew 6:20) Having the perspective of living for eternity can make all the difference in this world.
How can we learn to set our minds "on things above"? (Colossians 3:2) A good way o begin is to discover what our eternal God values. Throughout the pages of the Bible, He reminds us that He values people over posessions and our character above our performance. These are truths that last forever. Embracing them can bring an eternal perspective to our daily living. -Bill Crowder
What we do in this life echoes in eternity.

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