Thursday, January 04, 2007

This is going to be a "fun" rambling post from me with thoughts that are running through my head, maybe it will help to get them all out and I can start all over huh?

I'm tired. I'm in a mood. I really just want to get out of the house for a while, but I have a full day with kids. Well, I think I do anyway. Right now I have Monster and she will be here until at least 4:30/4:45 if not 5. I thought I was supposed to have L,T, and C but so far they have not shown up. I never heard a time that they would be here for sure so they could still be coming, and since their Mom is really good at keeping in touch with me usually and letting me know what's going on I am assuming that they will be here at some point yet. It just doesn't help my mood right now.
The weather isn't helping either. We had a snowless Christmas for the first time that I can EVER remember, K even asked my Grandma and she said she couldn't remember another Christmas without snow. We got some New Year's Eve, but even that is almost all melted away now. They say we could get some Friday yet, but we'll see. Even that is getting conflicting reports on the weather. It has been in the 40's mostly. It has been raining alot actually, dark and grey looking outside. It's starting to get depressing.
I've been sitting here while Monster is laying down for her nap watching some Gaither video clips on YouTube. I really love their music, and Mark Lowry is one of my favorites.
I'm trying to find a song to sing for special music for my next turn. Yeah, so, it isn't until April, I'm picky! And if it's one I don't know very well I need plenty of time to practice. And I haven't completely ruled out going and buying a cd with the accompaniment for a song rather than the sheet music I have on hand. Not that K would love that so much, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. If I use sheet music I have to find somone who will play for me too.......
We have been invited to go snow tubing on Saturday (they are making their own snow) along with some friends for their daughter's birthday party. It will be them, us, and the girls coming along for the party. It would be fun, but in the same it kinda feels like crashing he poor kid's birthday party too. She doesn't mind, she was asking me last night at Awana if we were going, I told her I didn't know yet. It just feels kind of odd you know. We could also go to litte M's (PM and C's youngest's) basketball tournamet an hour and a half or so away. I believe he has one here in town next week too, but I know he is excited for us to go, he has been asking as well. Or we could just stay home and hide (really not my choice if you couldn't tell from previous paragraphs in this post!). It just sort of feels like no matter what I am going to dissapoint someone, or hurt their feelings. L (the mother of the girl with the birthday party) hurt my feelings a bit over the whole thing already and that doesn't help. She called and asked what we had going on Saturday and I told her possibly a ballgame. Oh, PM and C's have a game then she asked me with a tone, and from the sounds of it told her daughter that we probably wouldn't be coming. I just hate being pushed into things. I finally got out of a situation where I was pushed around all the time, finally starting to get things back in order and now she has to push buttons......GAH!
I'm well on the way to drinking an entire two liter of Pepsi by myself. I started it about 11:30, we'll see how long it takes me to finish.
The mail is late today.
I got up early and did my reading for this morning. Not as meaningful as yesterdays', but I did find something that hit me and meant something to me.
I really wish that Monster would go to sleep....the child layed down on the couch and tried to fall asleep at 8:30 this morning, I know she's tired.
You know, this is starting to work some....and the sun is peeking out a bit.......
Hmmm....Don't Look at Me by Stacie Orrico, it's a possibility......
I took some more pictures this morning. I'll try to download them and post them as soon as Monster goes to sleep.
I need to pull out the cd's I burned to go along with this book to hear some of these songs again.
Alot of activity over at the neighbor's house today. Looks like they may be getting new carpet.
J has a ballgame tonight, wonder if we are going to make it. It is here, but I don't know what time he plays, or which school it's at for sure.
Need more Pepsi, be right back.....
I'm back with a refill, much better.
My foot has started to bother me again. I'm back on the four ibuprofen three times a day again. I should go and get my prescription refilled so I only have to take one pill instead of four. I suppose that I will end up back at the doctor if it doesn't cool it and he will give me a referral to the podiatrist this time. The way it sounds that would be the next step for me. Joy, wonder how much that will cost me, and if K's insurance will cover it. Along those lines I wonder what kind of insurance we are going to have with the new company taking over and all now.
I'm chilly.
Ok I've tortured you all enough, and it has helped to clear my mind....I may be back, but that's it for now.

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