Thursday, February 24, 2011

  Despite a terrible headache afterwards it was a great night at Awana last night!  It was friend night for double friend points and we had lots of friends out.  We had two clubbers accept Christ as their Savior last night too!  I was so excited, our best friends' son C was the one to lead them to the Lord!  He is a junior in high school and has given up his men's league basketball nights to come and be a leader for Awana!  I love that kid and I'm so proud of him!

  No church on Sunday means that I have all my typing and Sunday School preparation done.  I've been doing some typing for some files now...I'm really feeling off this week without my typing and things to do!  It does sound like we plan to get together to go over the PowerPoint again just to make sure we're all on the same page before Sunday.

  I caught up on making birthday and anniversary cards but found out that my Hallmark Christian Card Studio isn't working :( I have the regular card studio but some of the cards from the Christian Card Studio just aren't on there and it just isn't the same.  I got a deal on this one on ebay too, and now I can't find another one :(

  Kiddos are pretty quiet today, they've watched some tv and now they're coloring on the big dry erase board.  Love that thing, it's been good entertainment quite a few times now!

  The headache I had last night is finally gone, but I just feel so tired and out of it today.  Naptime for the Little Miss can't come soon enough!  Tonight is going to be another late night too!

  Don't know much more than that for now...I'll have more pictures to share once I get them downloaded to the computer!

  Hope you all are having a better day than I am!

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