Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Combat pay!

I told K that he had better thank me for bringing in the recycling bin today. Now normally this is a usual boring unassuming chore that I don't care to even acknowledge, but today I think I should have accumulated combate pay!
Now the recycling truck has been coming late morning instead of the early morning it had been right behind the regular garbage truck before. I had C (a drop in who is 2) and my regular Monster who is also two. Well I really wasn't in any hurry to leave two two year olds alone in the house, especially when one really isn't so sure about the furkids that roam the house, so I was waiting until C left to bring the box in. I told Monster to find her pillow and blanket for naptime while I took the pups potty and thought she should be fine. WRONG!
Not thinking anything about it I walked down the steps, grabbed the mail(two newspapers and two envelopes), get the pups to potty, and grab the recycling bin. Feeling quite accomplished for juggling it all I proceed up the steps to put everything away and get Monster down for her nap. This is where it all began to unravel.....
I grab the door handle, turn, and hear the ever resounding CLUNK. I think to myself, no that can't be, try again, CLUNK....yep, Monster has begun to show us all what she can do and has now LOCKED ME OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!
So juggling the mail, the dogs, and the recycling bin, I stagger to the backyard where I know that K has hidden an extra key just for such an emergency, hoping and praying that Monster has not now decided to assert her independance again and unlock the front door and come looking for me. I get the key, literally drag the dogs up the back steps, nearly tripping in their tangled mess of leashes, and unlock the door and get in, finally...and you think that this is where it would end, right? Wrong.
I unleash Teddy only to find that Casey has brought in a snack from outside. Now I have no idea where he found this, but leave it to him to find it, and especially on this particular day, at this particular time; but the dog has found a left over piece of ham that someone had grilled and apparently thrown out or tossed to the side! So I drop the mail on the counter, toss the bin in and take said dog out onto the deck to hopefully dislodge this tasty treat from the death grip he now has on it! Finally after four or five minutes he lets go miraculously and I am able to shoo him in the house and clean up the ham.
Then I am free to deal with Monster and let me tell you she really was NOT pleased with me when I was finished. The worst part was that she thought it was a game, ran up to the door smiling and grinned from ear to ear when she heard the CLUNK when she pushed it to open it! We really aren't on full speaking terms yet either.
And all I wanted to do was bring the recycling bin in!

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