Friday, April 29, 2005

Day off!

I found out last night that I would have the day off today, YIPEE!!! Things have been so crazy around here I am very thankful for this day! I slept until eight, and layed in bed and watched the People's Court for an hour and then got up and cleaned the house and grabbed a shower. I grabbed some lunch and took off uptown for a visit to the Christian bookstore. I haven't been in there since they moved from main street to the corner of the youth group building they have now that used to be the old Pamida building. It is alot smaller, but the lady was very nice and said that if I ever find anything that I would like in another store or anything that she will order it for me. Coolness! I'm afraid I spent a bit too much money there, but I grabbed four bracelets for my Awana girls to send along with the group picture they are each getting from me, a book for myself, and a gift certificate for my mom for Mother's Day.
My parents had given me the second book of Then Sings My Soul 150 of the World's Greatest Hymn Stories for Christmas and while I was in there I found the first, my dad had told me that they are not the easiest to find so I had to grab it! If you can't tell I LOVE music! I play piano (although I am looking for a new piano teacher), I sing with the Praise Team at church(we do some of the contemporary worship choruses Sunday mornings when it works out) and I sing solos when I am scheduled for special music as well. I LOVE these books!
Getting ready to sit down and do some stitching and some reading here soon, K will be home between 2:45 and 3:45 and then if we have practice tonight we will bum around here and get ready for that, if it isn't until Saturday we will run to Wal Mart. I have quite a lengthy list for there as well, all small things, but I know they do add up quickly.
Hope your weekend is a bright and sunny one!

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