Monday, May 02, 2005

What a weekend.

Well, it was a busy but pretty uneventful weekend. Went and watched A's kids play soccer Saturday morning. The oldest of the two was out in la la land and kept insisting to us that the score was one to zero when we were watching and counting and infact the score was three to zero, and that boy spent more time on the ground that morning! That and somewhat aimlessly chasing after the ball when normally he is a big go getter and does very well! After that it was supposed to be a quick run to Wal Mart to pick up my second set of pictures I had printed from my digitals off the computer but that turned into a little more shopping as W, A, and the boys rode along and we ended up going out to eat first.
I wanted to go for Chinese but since W and A had plans to go to the Chinese restaurant there next week that plan was scrapped and we ended up going to one of our favorite little pizza places that has a buffet with pizza and fried chicken and mashed and broasted potatoes. Normally a very nice little place to eat, but that day I don't know if they were understaffed, overworked, or what but they tables had not been cleared and there was no silverware. I thought we would probably end up using plastic silverware or something, anything but the spork! Well A decides that she can't wait and starts cleaning tables off since one of the employees has left her tub and cleaning spray and rag at the next table, EMBARASSING!
We ate and were out of there as soon as physically possible for me and on our way to Wal Mart. A good hour and a half or two hours and more money than was expected later we are on our way home and off to Pastor's house to do some work there for them. K was pulling stumps from bushes and I was working on the computers and they invite us to stay for supper of what else, fried chicken and broasted potatoes! It was good and so nice to get to really sit and visit with them as well. Lots of fun at music practice that night too!
Sunday started out normally, but ended in an hour and a half drive to my dad's parents (which I should mention usually only takes and hour) but we had Dad's truck and that doesn't have much power at all, but we needed it to bet the saw and bikes that we were supposed to bring home. Fun fun!
Today is back to normal lots of laundry and kids to chase and speaking of, Monster will be up soon and I better get back to it.....

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