Thursday, May 19, 2005

This is my month!

Ok, I love Blingo! If you want to check it out go here; and we can win together. The one friend that I referred just won us another set of Blingo movie tickets! This is really our month! Between the two of us we have won a cd, a set of Blingo movie tickets, State Fair Tickets, and another set of Blingo movie tickets! Now all I need would be for Monster's mom to pay me all of what she owes me! Let's see, if she works the hours that I think she will for today and tomorrow that will bring us up to a grand total of $483.55! I know what I would do with that money too!! Looks like some of it will now have to go to pay for K's car repairs, they found one sensor they needed to fix and as of last night that has now turned into two or three. Of course it has set outside undriven for a year or so because my sister in laws sister couldn't figure out how to drive stick shift. But....I am still not holding my breath on getting paid because I hear that she has made at least two shopping trips since she told me that she would pay me, so I am waiting for that old trusty excuse that she doesn't have enough to pay me this time, she will make the minimal $100 payment, not so bad until you concider that her bills are usually around $77 so we are just covering a week at a time and holding a good $400 balance....... ahh well, we will see. Guess I just have to hope for the best concidering how well the rest of my month has gone!

Stitching Blogger's Question
How many strands of floss to you prefer to stitch with? Why? I generally like to use two, one because that is what most of my patterns call for and two it does seem to give good coverage. I have used three strands a couple different times and find this to be a bit bulky to stitch with, and using one for backstitching only seems a bit thing from what I am used to. I suppose it's more just a matter of habit....

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