Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My wonderful husband!

I have such a wonderful husband! Yesterday was one of those chaotic afternoons; we tried to get K's car to the shop and it died halfway there, not wanting to start again, well I had to get to the school to pick up my afterschoolers so he hopped in my car and we picked up the girls and then headed back to his car hoping it would start and make it the other half of the way to the shop. What most concerned me was him having to cross the highway with it, but he made it and they had it torn apart and problem found about an hour later. Good news is that the part will only cost about $30, hopefully the labor isn't too high, and he should have his fixed car this afternoon! He had to deliver papers with my Mom as well, and made a quick stop at the house of the lady who is teaching me how to knit and pick up the bag I forgot Monday night and drop off some cds I borrowed from her, and pick up a few things at the grocery store (even my favorite candy bar! Caramello yum yum!).
After all the kids left we started talking and I told him that the lady who is teaching me to knit is leaving today for two weeks and I was almost out of yarn so I guess I was going back to my cross stitch for a while and he told me that we could run to Wal Mart, he needed a couple things and we could get some yarn then too. Of course I jumped on that offer! He even took me to McDonalds for supper! I thought I would pick out one, maybe two new colors of the cotton yarn and when I asked him what color he told me to get three! Such a nice guy!
Now you know what I will be doing lol although I may not get much cross stitching done! I really do need to get back into stitching as Butterfly expressions is a gift for someone, but I do enjoy knitting even if I only know the one stitch for now! After she gets back my teacher promises to teach me how to purl as well as another way to cast on that may be easier! Just what I need, a new addiction lol!

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