Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Blue ribbon snake

Just got back from the kindergarten pet show. One of my friends little guys had a "pet" in it so I got S and Monster together and we went to see him. He made Slither the Snake out of braided rope with a wire in the middle and covered it with fabric that looked like a snake's skin. Very cute. He got the blue ribbon for the longest snake.
I got a little bit of a start on knitting last night, and have done a bit more today. I enjoy it emmensly already! When we first got started I was just not getting it and ready to give up, but slowly my coordination improved and I have a start on a washcloth. We decided I would make a washcloth to get the basic knit stitch down and it would also make something functional that didn't have to be very pretty.......good thing!
I know have a bit of a rotation with knitting and my cross stitch. I will knit a row or two and then do a bit of stitching a little more knitting and a little more stitching........ and how long do you think it will take me to get Butterfly Expressions done now?!? I will post a progress picture of both my stitching and my knitting soon.

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