Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Last night we made the treck to Wal Mart. Made some copies of the pictures from the Mother Daughter Banquet and did some other general shopping. K bought himself an electric weedeater so he was pretty happy. He has had a gas one, but the gas tank leaks and I think that something else may be wrong with it as well, so now he has something reliable, hopefully......
I bought myself some cotton yarn. J, the lady who is teaching me to knit says this will be better for a dishcloth, and maybe easier to work with right away than the yarn that I have been using which has a tendency to split with the bit of color woven into it. They really didn't have much in the line of color choice or price choice for cotton, most everything was 100% acrylic or an acrylic blend with cotton.
This morning I took Monster and ran uptown. They had seventh graders make up a product and today they were selling them on main street, an entreprenureship workshop sort of thing. I bought Monster a little beaded bracelet, myself a soothie(rice in some fabric that you can put in the microwave or freezer to help sore and aching muscles, scented rainforest), a button with the school mascot only because half of their proceeds went to one of the basketball players(17 years old I believe) who has cancer, and put in an order for a pair of flip flops with some of the fleece fabric on them( I could have picked them up now, but these girls really didn't have many on their table so I said I'll just put in an order so you can still use them for your table). I spent $11. Not bad, just hoping K doesn't get too upset since we spent $90 at Wal Mart last night. I don't think he will mind, I just hate spending when I don't know exactly where we are at bill wise right now, he told me he would give me some cash last night but I fell asleep before he came to bed(he was taking the trash out) and I forgot to mention it this morning.
It's kind of a dreary day today so I don't think Monster will get outside, looks like a day filled with stitching and knitting, maybe I will even get to nap when she naps~not holding my breath though!

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