Thursday, May 26, 2005

A day full of surprises

The first of my Blingo movie tickets came in the mail today! Even better is the fact that when I checked out the theaters that would take the tickets I found that the one in Decorah, a half hour from here, would accept them! I was so afraid that I would have to travel at least an hour or hour and a half to use them.
I also got something in the mail from the bank, Fast Track Rewards or something like that which will allow me to choose a $15 gift certificate from Borders. There were other choices, but I think that this is the best choice. Now I just need to get K to agree haha! I don't think that will be take too much though!
I got two phone calls last night about daycare. One is coming June 6 to check things out and see how they like it; she has a 6 year old and a 3 year old. About a half an hour after that I got another phone call, and if the reverse phone search is correct they were in Nebraska. No clue how either one had gotten my phone number.
Just waiting for Monster to nap so I can hopefully get a bit of reading in. Need to call C and tell her that I can't make it to her birthday party Saturday too....she is having it at the church that we left and besides the Pastor and his wife not speaking to us since we left it would just be too weird. We have a graduation open house to go to anyway.....

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