Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What a weekend!

Wow, I didn't realize how much time had passed since I had blogged last! Things have been just a bit busy around here, we haven't hardly been home since oh early last week sometime....and with the holiday weekend it made it that much worse! I am still trying to get caught up on laundry, although I did all the bedding so that adds another three loads to try to get done in a timely manner!
Saturday we finally got my flower seeds planted, I can't wait to see them pop up and it will be especially nice as some of these are going to be a natural privacy fence between us and the neighbors; K and I are tired of being stared at by the neighbor's daughter when we are sitting out on the deck, and the kids being stared at and made to feel self concious while they are playing out on the swing set. We also had C's graduation open house and then it was off to church to get K's computer things set up for Sunday morning.
Sunday brought subbing for D and K for Sunday School and picking up one kiddo because another family was going away and then we spent the afternoon with my parents. We tried to run up to the greenhouse where my Mom is working as they said in the paper that they would be open, but they were closed. I think that we may take Monster and go up today. We are trying to decide what, if anything, to put along the sidewalk up in the ftont yard. And after alot of thought I have decided what to get my Mom, she loves plants and she has tried to keep her fuschia plant alive over the winter but it just doesn't look very good, so I think that we will buy her a couple smaller ones and put them in a nice haning planter for her.
Monday brought more fun in a picnic in Riceville with some friends from church and we caught part of a ball game but we had to leave early so K could meet with my brother to go target shooting. My brother's girlfriend went along and I ended up babysitting for her 2 and a half year old while they were gone. He was very good and we had alot of fun.
Yesterday I had the two drop ins again (also had them on Friday) as a favor for A who does home daycare as well. Her family had a nice extended weekend and picked up a new Yorkie puppy on Saturday. I tried to make a dent on my mountain of laundry...hoping to finish it up today. Monster is here until about 5 and then we have to jet off to church so K can get the sound system and things ready for the concert tonight. Always lots of fun in our chaotic little world!

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