Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I love summer!

Yesterday's walk and playtime in the park was wonderful! C is very good and helpful on the walks! He pretends that he is a bird and he "lands" in every tree, so number one I don't have to worry about him getting too far ahead as there are LOTS of trees around here, and number two when he lands, especially near a corner, he spreads his arms out and won't let the younger two girls pass! While at the park yesterday there were a group of kids who would sit at the top of the slide and not let anyone down and when C got his chance he stopped, stood back up, and let M go down ahead of him! What a good big brother! Both C and M were very good about keeping me in their line of site too! Monster had decided that she needed to swing so I was just two or three feet away at the most, but I was still a bit worried. Good to find out I didn't need to be!
Monster decided that she LOVED the water and I really had to convince her to get out. She was drenched! The girl even had water poured over her head and drenched herself! She played in that water until her teeth chattered and her lips started turning a bit blue!
We had some thunderstorms roll through this morning. Even momentarily flashing the power off, but this afternoon the temperatures are going back up up up and I have heard that the heat index will be up around 100! Ahh well, with the wonderful invention of air conditioning, I am truthfully LOVING the summer weather that has FINALLY come! This spring has been so rainy we barely got the kids outside, and if this keeps up we will get lots of use out of the big pool when we set it up!
Well, naptime is almost over and I still need to get some things typed up for music practice tonight, yep music practice after prayer meeting tonight.....I may be a zombie tomorrow!

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