Saturday, June 04, 2005

Off on the Bike Trail

Shock of all shocks, I am blogging on the weekend!! What has gotten into me?! It's a pretty dreary day and it has been raining off and on so not a whole lot to do around here today. The thought was to get the steam cleaner and clean the carpets, but that didn't work out, so K is spot cleaning the worst spots so it doesn't look so terrible when the new family comes for an interview Monday morning.
Not much reading got done around here last night. A imed and asked what we were up to and she said that they wanted to take the boys (who just learned how to ride their bikes without training wheels) for a bike ride. So K packed the bike in the Durango and off we went. We rode a few blocks to find the beginning of the bike path and went down that for a bit. The boys did really good, they were good and tired by the time we got back. They even walked their bikes for a while, said they were too tired to ride. The older one got his bigger bike so riding is going a bit better, we are just working on the whole directional thing now.
As soon as K gets done with the carpets we need to go to my parent's house to give Mom her birthday gifts and spend some time with them, and at 7:30 its off to music practice. I'm working on finding a song that I should sing for special music in July. Pastor said that he was going to be gone that Sunday so I asked a friend if she could play for me, but the book that I had picked out (30 different songs) was too difficult for her to play on the piano so I bought a cd, well Wednesday night Pastor tells me that he is taking vacation that next Sunday so he will be there to play for me! AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH! LOL! So tonight I will take my cd, and my book and we can sit down and decide what to do. Hopefully it all works out in the end lol!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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