Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Summer has arrived!

Wow! Another day of near 90 degrees is forcasted for us today! Yesterday I was SO thankful for our central air and even had K put the window air up in our bedroom....Yes, I did say we have central air and still need a window air conditioner in our bedroom window. The central air just doesn't seem to get it cool upstairs, so we use the window air at night to be comfortable.
Tried to get Monster to play in the water in the little wading pool last night and she threw a fit! That could have alot to do with the fact that instead of her lovely two hour nap she only slept 45 minutes yesterday! Even after a good half hour walk and short play at the park! She was sooooo cranky in the afternoon! She did play a bit and I got some cute pics, will have to get them downloaded onto the computer and post them later..... I think our plans for today will be similar;a nice walk and hopefully little longer time at the park hopefully minus the kids from the daycare center just off the other side of the park, come back for lunch, naptime, C and M will leave and then get Monster back into the kiddie pool. I really don't understand this kid, she LOVES to be sprinkled with the hose, but standing water we can't deal with without a fit first, I heard this morning that she does the same thing for her Mom. Her Mom wants me to keep putting her in the kiddie pool and working with her to hopefully get her over whatever this big thing is, now don't get me wrong I don't just toss her in; I stand in there with her getting just as wet as she does holding her and just putting her toes in at first and gradually working our way into full play, which she will do and loves after we throw our initial big fit! I really would love to know what goes through her little mind at times like that!
Well, time to get ready for our walk before it gets too hot and humid, hope to have more pics to share with you laters....

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