Monday, June 06, 2005


Well, you have all heard about the most exciting part of my weekend. The rest of the weekend was full of planting a lilac bush that my Dad had saved for us(it was a little shoot off of their big bush), music practice and dinner at my parents' house for my Mom's birthday. We came home with alot of food! My brother and his girlfriend and her little boy couldn't make it so there was alot of extra! We got a whole german chocolate cake ( there were a total of 3, yes THREE birthday cakes! My brother's girlfriend's birthday is Wednesday, so there was a cake for her too. Yes my family can go a little overboard like that lol!), a container of my Grandma's party potatoes, three bags of buns; both hot dog and hamburger, and fruit salad. Oh and the two pieces of rhubarb cake that I traded Mom for two pieces of the German chocolate cake for! It was nice to see my Grandparents, but also a reminder of why I am so glad that I live an hour away! My Grandma is very controlling, very opinionated, everything she does is for show, and will stop you in mid sentence to change the subject if she is no longer interested in what you are saying. Like I said, nice little visit, now back to real life!
Today I had an interview with the new family. Two kids, a three year old and a six year old, M and C. They are adorable and very well behaved. C is just a very busy six year old boy! M is a happy little three year old girl. They ended up staying for the day, their Mom is talking about the rest of the week too, so hopefully that is good news. M fell right asleep, actually even alot faster than Monster, who fell asleep a whole hour later than normal! C is now watching a movie so the girls can sleep. Nice and quiet and cool in here with the air on, can't naptime last all day?????

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