Friday, June 03, 2005

A Night of Flowers and Bicycles

Well, we had another busy night last night last night. We took Monster up to the greenhouse where my Mom works to pick out a couple fuschia plants for Mom for her birthday, we got some mums for the side of the house and out by the garage, and finally found something that K and I both liked to put out in front of the house. We bought six miniature (I believe) geraniums. These don't look like the geraniums that you and I are all used to seeing out in pots on porches, I will have to get pictures to post to show you. K was quite busy getting them all planted last night and getting the watering of all our seeds and other plants watered. And my Mom told me that she was paying for it all (we planned on her paying and then paying her back because she gets a discount) for our anniversary present! Mom is getting some money as well as her plants!
We also went over to A's house to see her boys finally out riding their bikes without their training wheels! They were so excited! The youngest was the first to get it all figured out and was taking off like the little speed racer that he is! The older one was getting it figured out, just needed a little more practice, I would be surprised if he hasn't gotten it all figured out by now, A said they were up at 6:15 and out practicing! It sounds like they are going to have to buy a BIG first aid kit though, the youngest has just had his first official crash!
I got my State Fair tickets today. A told me that she will gladly pay me $10 per set of tickets and there are four! The extra $40 would be nice!
I got a catalog from Christian Book Distributors the other day and I found a deal in their Surprise Savings section that I want to order. Contemporary Music Surprise Pack, 10 CDs. It says A towering collection of soul-stirring, upbeat tunes to make your next road trip one to remember! Contents may vary-but that's part of the fun! And its only $10! K agreed to order it for me yesterday, but we never got it done with the searching for plants and planting and watering and all, so hopefully we can get them ordered tonight! I can't wait, I love surprises like that! I just hope that it won't come to bite me in the behind and I will end up not liking any of the CDs! Guess I could always give them as gifts if that is the fact! Does that sound horrible lol?!
Well, Monster will be up soon so I am going to try to get some reading done. The Chronicles of Narnia is calling my name!

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