Thursday, June 02, 2005

From a mountain to a molehill.....

Well I am down to my last two loads of laundry, FINALLY!!!! I was beginning to think that I was washing every single item of clothing or bedding in this house at least twice!
We didn't make it to the greenhouse yesterday like I wanted to. K said with having to run to get to church for the concert it would just be easier to do it today, and then if we got anything to put out in the front yard he could just get it planted right away tonight. Although we may have another snag in that plan as Monster's Mom says that she may be getting off earlier than was first thought so we will most likely end up sitting here and waiting for her to come and hoping she gets off in time for us to run up there. Oh well, there is always tomorrow or Saturday. Today would be easier though as it sounds like we are going to have Praise Team practice this weekend and K and my Dad are talking about renting a carpet cleaner and cleaning the carpets at their house and our house on Saturday too. Ahh well, it will all work out somehow!
I finally finished the book I was reading yesterday! I started it around Christmas time and just finished! No, I'm really not that slow of a reader, other things just popped up and the book got put to the side. Things like cross stitch, knitting, playing with Monster, all that important stuff besides the every day hustle and bustle lol! With that one finished I can start the next book in the pile of unread books calling me to read them, this time I think it is going to be The Chronicles of Narnia. It has all the different books in one.
Well, I suppose I had better get off here and get some of my housework done so I can relax and enjoy the sun this afternoon......

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