Saturday, May 21, 2005

Soccer in the rain

Well not much to say today. Went to A's boys last day of soccer and it started to rain in the middle of the older ones game. They played their whole hour, but I was sure wet when I got home! I can't wait until we get a nice day with no rain!
Not sure what we are going to do with the rest of the day. K went to get one more part for his car, but it is still rainy looking and wet outside so he can't really work on that or mow the lawn like he was thinking he should this weekend. I am trying to convince him that we should go to Wal Mart. I could use a trim on my hair, would like to pick up a bit of fleece fabric to tie strips on my second pair of blue flip flops to make them like the pair I bought from the 7th graders when they had their businesses up on main street. Also since I was paid K has said I may be able to get some clothes since I don't have much spring/summer things to wear for church. We'll see once he gets home.
I got a note in the mail from S today. Her mom put their new address on the envelope, now I don't have to email and ask her what their new address is so I can send them a thank you note. I will have to send S a little note as well.

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