Monday, May 23, 2005

Sunny Sunday

Another busy weekend this weekend, but it was lots of fun! Saturday was the last day for soccer for A's boys. The first game was cooler but not raining, the second game it was starting to sprinkle and by the end it had started to pour. We were good and wet, but they got to play most of the game, I think they called it five or ten minutes early.
Came home and changed and hung around the house while K napped and worked on his car with my Dad. After they were done K changed and took me to Wal Mart. I picked up a skirt and top set and another skirt that was on sale, plus a few extras that we had been going without since Monster's Mom was so far behind in payments. I got an Integrity iWorsh!p cd set, some fleece fabric to put on another set of flip flops that I have, K got a clip art cd set, and some snacks and things we wouldn't normally get.
Sunday was church, lunch at my parents' house and spending most of the afternoon outside there, a graduation open house, evening service for church, and it was so nice after that K got the bikes out of the garage and we went for a bike ride. My legs hurt so bad after we got home!
Today I need to get through the laundry mountain, possibly one of my drop ins will be coming over, and hopefully a bike ride for a little destressing and relaxation after the kiddos are all gone.
Tomorrow brings the last day of school for the kids and their last award assembly, so Monster and I will be heading up to the school to see that.
Fun fun, well off I go to the laundry mountain, if you don't hear from me, or hear a call for help under the pile please come looking for me lol!

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