Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Another beautiful day!

It is the kids last day of school today. They had their final awards assembly where they get their Perfect Attendance Awards and Teriffic Kid Awards for the K-3rd grade, and Perfect Attendance Awards, Honor Roll, and Bug (Bringing Up Grades) Awards for the 4-6 grades. I took Monster up and we sat through the two hours (broken up into grades as mentioned in awards given above) and took pictures of B and N, since their Mom had to work and could not get off to come and see them. I also took pictures of both of them with their teachers.
In the second assembly and old high school friend came to see her sister get her awards so she and another sister sat by Monster and I. It worked out well as the other sister kept Monster entertained and made it easier for me to get some pictures.
Tonight I think that I am going to see if K wants to go to Wal Mart with me so I can get my hair cut and get pictures of the girls printed off to give to the girls' parents. If he doesn't want to do that I am going to take all of the newspapers that K and Mom have left over after the paper route to Pastor's wife. She said she is going to use them in the garden somehow, to keep the weeds out or something. The drop in that I was supposed to have didn't show, so I make drag out the stroller and take Monster on the walk with K and Mom on the paper route. It will get us out, get me some exercise, and not have to just sit and push Monster in the swing for an hour and a half like she usually wants!
I am sooo enjoying these last few nice days, but unfortunately it sounds like this will be coming to an end tomorrow, the rain will be coming back, boo hoo!

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