Thursday, May 12, 2005

Blingo and other ramblings

Go here and we can win together.... I have one friend signed up so far and she won us a Blingo movie ticket this morning! I am so excited and it's just a silly movie ticket! I don't even know if they accept them in any theaters near me, I am out in the boonies of Iowa!
I have gotten quite a bit of knitting done today already, I had to do the defrag and get rid of cookies and everything so I sat here and knitted while I was waiting for the computer to do its thing. I am a bit nervous for my "teacher" to see my progress, but excited all the same because I am finally doing it, I think lol!
It's S's last day in my daycare today. I'll miss her! It will be nice in the fact that this means less running here and there for her, but it will be awfully quiet with out her. Not to mention the fact that I have watched her and her brother since they were infants. Hard to believe that her brother is now 6 and a half! And S is four and a half!
The Survivor finale is Sunday night. Normally I look forward to this with lots of excitement to see just who will win the money, but this time it is almost blah. All of my favorites have been voted off already. I have two that I would like to see win over others, but even this just isn't the same. What do you think?
Looks like this weekend will be nice and quiet. It doesn't sound like we will have Praise Team practice, one couple's son in law is coming down for the youngest's graduation from high school so he will be leading the music. Cool! He and his wife led music one other time and they were awesome! That I am very much looking forward to! That just leaves house cleaning, soccer, and Sunday School. Not so bad. No evening service Sunday either. The family who's son in law I mentioned above are having the youngest's graduation open house at church, so we will technically still be at church that night lol!
Well, I'm off to try to get Monster to nap and then relax a bit with S. Have a great afternoon!

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