Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Knitting obsession

Last night I went for another lesson in knitting. My teacher is leaving on a two week trip on Wednesday so she had me cast off and finish my first dish cloth and I started on a second, still just doing the basic knit stitch. She told me that if I would like she will teach me to purl before she leaves, but if I am more comfortable to just continue with the knit stitch. I think I may just continue with the knit stitch as we did some experimenting last night with how I hold the yarn and I have developed my own style and she tried to get me to hold it like she does and the tension of my stitches became very uneven and she told me to go back to the way I was doing it because they were much neater before. I have also found out what I was doing that caused the extra stitches on my needle and the holes that I have occasionally had. So just to make sure I am really comfortable with what I am doing I like the idea of continuing with just the one stitch for now.
I haven't done any cross stitch, I have been obsessed with the knitting lol, but I do have updated pictures of both that I will post as well as a picture of my Monster with her new short short haircut. She looks like such a big girl now!
Looks like today is going to be another chilly and rainy one so maybe I will get some stitching in yet. Looking forward to a nice quiet, crafty night tonight though, I didn't get home until almost 11 last night! K was about ready to get in his very unreliable car and search for me! I didn't realize it was that late until I got in the car to head home, there was no clock in the room that we were knitting in, and of course we were visiting so the time just flew by!
K has an appointment at the shop for his car this afternoon, hopefully we can find the problem and get it running good for him, and I can have my car back!

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