Monday, May 09, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

We survived the Mother Daughter Banquet Saturday night. It was actually very nice. The guys got a look at how low stocked and old things are in the kitchen at church. They made a trip to our house for serving spoons and two trips to the dollar store for more silverware and bowls I believe it was. This includes one of the ladies going to Rochester to get silverware so we could set the head table. We ran into a bit of a jam with the dessert too, but we didn't have as many ladies show up as were on the list so it all worked out in the end.
The program was wonderful, the decorations were beautiful, and we got to visit with old friends we don't see often and met some new friends so I think it was a great night.
Sunday brought a Sunday School class to sub in for both K and I. That went pretty well, then we went to Mom and Dad's to give Mom her gift for Mother's Day. I think she liked it. We went over for dinner and when we walked in the door no one was there, we walked out back and noticed that they were across the alley meeting the family that just moved into the house diagonally from them. We went over and visited with them too, they were very nice and I am glad that we got to know them. I took the twelve year old to meet the girls next door, who come to my house after school, and I hope that they will get along, everyone seemed so shy! My brother, N, and his girlfriend and her little boy came over later too and planted some flowers for Mom in a nice pot.
Today is back to the grind, laundry, daycare, cleaning up the house. Thankfully it is almost naptime! One bright spot in my day is that one of the ladies from church who has promised to teach me to knit is coming over tonight to start! I can't wait.
Well, back to the zoo.....

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