Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Got that knitty feeling....

Well, I am down to the last load or two of laundry, all the bedding plus a few of our blankets that I didn't think that we would need to keep out like we have been. Although with the colder and rainy weather we have been having maybe I will lbe proved wrong.
I have gotten the main section of black done on the butterflies wing on Butterfly Expressions. I now am working on a section of blended color on the wing now. One strand of dark purple and one strand of dark blue. I like it, just makes me really hope that i have sorted colors correctly! It is very pretty, almost makes me want to keep it for myself.....almost.
Went and looked for some knitting patterns online this morning. I found quite a few. Hopefully something that I can use. I am DEFINATELY going to have to get some prettier yarn though!! I can't wait to get started!!!!!

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