Monday, April 25, 2005

The Weekend

Well as you can see from that last automated post I have decided to get rid of blogger comments and try haloscan. We will see how it goes.
The inlaws left around 6:30 this morning and I have to say that it was a pretty plesant visit. I think that the thought that she may just get out of the middle of nowhere where they are now did some good for the mil! It was a very plesant visit and we actually had some good talks about some things that were troubling me (unrelated to the inlaws I might add).
Today I am trying to stay awake and get some laundry done. Hoping to get some stitching in before I fall asleep too lol! Also on the crafting front I have found one of the ladies in church who has agreed to teach me how to knit! I am so excited, I have been wanting to learn for many years now!
This weekend was a busy one while the inlaws were away too, my parents decided to move to a different bedroom in the house so while K and I were there we got to help move all the heavy furniture and get things rearranged. The highlight of the rearranging was when the miniature poodle, Teddy, saw himself in the mirror on the dresser and started barking and growling at that other dog for a good five minutes!
Thankfully the new memory card for the digital camera came in on Monday, I put it to good use this weekend. I plan to take a picture of my progress on Butterfly Expressions and then get all my pictures downloaded and maybe I will share a few of my favorites with you. We got some adorable pictures of my little niece! Managed to grab a couple of her very camera shy big brother too, he kept running away yelling you can't get my picture na na na na boo boo! What a nut!
Well, time to run and get another load of laundry going too......anyone care to come and finish it up for me? Please???

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