Thursday, December 11, 2008

Awana store

Awana store was wonderful last night! Leaders were able to shop after all the kids had been sent home too! Our storekeeper likes it because it cleans out the store allowing her to buy new things to put out next time and with the leaders paying a quarter a share it generates a little more money for her to buy the things with. It is no problem for us to find things to buy either! They have some great things! A few of the things that we picked up last night will be given as Christmas gifts.
The girls in my group really didn't accomplish much in passing sections, everyone was so flighty and not paying attention. I know it's hard with the Christmas coming up and all sorts of activities going on but I was getting a bit frustrated with one of the girl's attitudes being snotty and having to have her nose in everyone elses' business and one other of the girls just not caring and spacing off when the two other girls were working hard and trying to pass sections. The other two made it hard for them to concentrate and pass anything.
I did get some pictures of store and the kids shopping. I will post them tomorrow, the kids are starting to wake up from nap now. Off to diaper duty!

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