Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I know I know I was bad and disappeared again. I really did sit down and open the new post window and start to write something and then something would happen and I never would finish it, or sometimes never even get started!
The weekend was crazy! We ended up working at church Friday night getting ready for the Christmas program on Sunday and I ran through the song that I was possibly going to sing, if I could get the ending worked out. The very last time that I went through it I finally got the timing on the ending.
Saturday K went to work and got off an hour early so we could be at church at 10:30 to work out a mic set up for B so she could play guitar for one of the families who was singing Sunday night, and then practice with the Childrens' Choir at 11. PM ended up playing piano with the family that B was playing guitar with so they practiced after the Childrens' Choir. We ordered pizza and ate at church and had just enough time to clean up before the next group came in to practice at 2. One last practice after they were done and we could go home. I tried to download a song from iTunes for PM so he could hear what he was supposed to be playing the next night but had some technical difficulties since iTunes felt the need to update at the same time!
I ran out of time and had to go and change for Madrigal. K had gone to pick up a snowblower with PM and I left him a note telling him that I would finish when I got home. Ha, they apparently didn't read my note and I got the first phone call asking about it just before Madrigal started. I explained what happened and told them that I would finish it when I got home. Three hours later I get two more phone calls. I get messages from K telling me that he doesn't know how to finish the download and that he had tried but lost the file and thankfully found it again and then in the second message he tells me that he and PM got tired of waiting for C and I to get home and they were headed to church to work on PowerPoint. C laughed and commented about how the guys couldn't live without me for even three and a half hours, and I told her that I felt loved at least, and I would worry only when the phone calls stopped!:)
Sunday we got to church early and practiced with the kids again, they were singing in the morning service as well as for the Christmas program. They did a great job in the morning service! They smiled and sang much louder than they ever had in practice, and their timing was wonderful!! We had a surprise 50th birthday party to go to after church and then back to church an hour early so more people could practice and get amps and things set up for the program. The program went by so quickly and the kids did even better than they did in the morning! I was so proud of them! I was the very last person to sing in the program and I was so nervous when I got up there! I got to the tough part and I had perfect timing on the first half of the last chorus (which that was the one and only time it EVER happened even practicing!!) and I hit the ending! It was definately a God thing! I sang "Let There be Light" by Point of Grace. Such a beautiful song! I looked down when I was finished and on the top of the black metal stand you could see my sweaty finger prints! Couldn't tell how nervous I was ha!
Monday was a busy day with kids and yesterday Tater woke up from nap early and threw a 45 minute fit! Sooo glad that day is over!
Today I am catching up with laundry and if the weather stays nice we will go Christmas caroling for Awana tonight. I'm hoping to catch a little nap when the kids go down this afternoon too. I'm going to need it, the rest of the week looks just as busy!!

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Jen said...

Wow!! You are on busy lady!! It's always crazy this time of year! I was always in the Christmas programs at my church and miss those busy filled weekends of practice! Glad yours went great!! I would love to hear you sing one day!!