Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Kids and basketball craziness!

Ohhhh today has been a day! First I get a text message at 6a.m. telling me that the boys Mom was called into work so I will have them today. No problem, once I figured out that it was a text and not a phone call haha! I was just waking up and not really "with it" at that point.
I get my shower and head downstairs when I get a call saying that Miss A's Mom is home sick so she will be keeping Miss A home with her. Again, no problem makes the day a bit easier, now I won't have two two/three year olds fighting over toys as has been the norm lately. I got a phone call later saying that Mom will be off work tomorrow too...now THAT makes me happy, that means I get the day off tomorrow!! Gotta love that!
Tater starts getting a bit cranky before lunch, I try to get an early lunch in and get them down for naps figuring he's tired and will fall asleep easily and take a nice long nap....WRONG! Not only is he up twice crying and very cranky when he wakes up, but T wakes up twice, once for me to help him to the bathroom to go potty(he was so tired he could barely hold himself up to walk!) and once for I'm not sure why. But they both also woke up early from nap and are a tad on the emotional side.
My brain is just spinning with everything that is going on today! It's not been a bad day, just one of those where the house seems more like Grand Central Station!
We didn't make it to BC's game last night, but we are going to watch J play tonight, Awana tomorrow, BC's game or M's concert Thursday and maybe J play again on Friday, and M has a tournament on Saturday. Wee, basketball season is in full swing!

Edited: Never mind...I don't get the day off tomorrow after all. Miss A's Mom called and asked if she could bring Miss A and I tomorrow. Apparently Miss A didn't let Mommy rest very much at all today. No big deal, the two of them will play well together and I can still get a few things done around the house.


Bonnie said...

Wow you are busy! Shane gets really cranky when he is tired and fights sleep all the way. Those make for some very long days. Have fun with all the basketball games.

Patty said...

Too bad about not having the day off tomorrow. Were you already planning what you were going to do? I get ahead of myself like that.