Thursday, December 18, 2008

More snow!

Another day another snow storm. They say that we cold get five to eight inches. So far we have barely gotten anything. It will not hurt my feelings at all if they were wrong and we didn't get much of anything!! I didn't get much done today, I was cleaning up the desktop and the laptop and doing a bit of reasearch on a problem that PM is having with his computer so we can go and work on it. We made it to prayer meeting and now had a little ice cream and I'm thinking about going to bed early. I may have to get up early and shovel, but hopefully not much!

If everything goes well we will have another basketball game or two, J has been home sick the last couple days with the flu.

We had a great time Christmas caroling last night! I threatened to turn my girls around and take them back to church because the one especially was being a bit rude and had an attitude but thankfully she straightened up. The only real downside is that I got a call that one of the kids that went in our group is sick with a nasty stomach bug today, we are all praying that the people at the nursing home that we went caroling to do not get it!

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Patty said...

Jen and I had a conversation about snow last week when it sort of snowed here. We both agreed that none of us wanted to live anywhere that got that much snow but we want to live somewhere that snows more than here.
How do they expect you to do anything when it's snowing? Well I hope your holidays go better as we get to them...