Friday, July 10, 2009

A better day!

K was a huge help in snapping me out of my mood last night! After the kids left we went for a drive to the fish hatchery in a neighboring town, where they also have a small, but beautiful garden of flowers, for me to get some pictures. Some of the flowers had already bloomed and gone, but I still got some beautiful pictures! I will post them along with a bunch that I have taken in the last week or so after I get them downloaded from the camera.
After the fish hatchery we headed to Wal Mart for a few things, and K spoiled me a bit with a rounded corner punch for my card making, a Veggie Tales dvd for the kids, and a new nail polish color. I'm all about the out of the ordinary colors! The one I picked out last night is N.Y.C.'s East Village. Hopefully I will get my nails painted tonight and I will snap a picture to show you too!
Getting a good night's sleep helped too, although I was woken up with a loud bang of thunder at one or two this morning, followed by Casey, the shih tzu, freaking out and trying repeatedly to jump on the bed with us! I think we both fell right back to sleep, so it wasn't too bad!
Today the kids have been so good! Only Miss A has had a time out (or two), and they have all gotten along so well, used polite words, cleaned up and worked together when I asked them to! The only downside to the day has been that I cut my thumb on a can of green beans while making lunch. Nothing a little Hello Kitty bandaid wouldn't cure! Lol it was either that or Transformers...that was all that was in the first aid kit downstairs!

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