Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer storms!

I really meant to post the pictures of Teddy before and after his haircut Friday, but we had a really big storm and ended up losing power for most of the day! About noon things started clouding up and the wind picked up. It started getting darker and darker and it started pouring and hailing and the sky was so black! We lost power and I looked out the front door and we had two big limbs from the tree out in the front yard in the middle of the road. It took me seven calls to get through to the police department to let them know that there were branches blocking the road ( I live on the north end of our main street and only a block or so from our hospital). After the branches fell the street started to flood (we always have some water that collects on our road, but this was much more!) the neighbor across the street started to walk across and the water was up to her knees! The neighbors worked and worked at clearing the storm drains and finally they were cleared enough to let water through, and the rain stopped and the water receded. I had water almost up to my front door and a river running through the back yard that took the kids small playhouse about ten feet!
Tater had fallen asleep just before it all started, and thankfully he slept through it all. The branches falling did wake up T and L doesn't nap so I had two boys to keep entertained with no power. We dug out the Playdough and that kept them pretty busy. They did also like looking out at the branches and watching the city workers come and push them up in the yard with a front end loader after things calmed down.
There were lots of branches down around town. Big ones at the hospital, it actually hit the hospital from what we could see, but it hit a brick area so it didn't look like there was much damage. A house a block behind us had a large branch land on the roof and did some damage. A lady was out in the park and had a branch land on her and it broke her leg. A friend of ours from church was driving home to be with his kids since his wife wasn't home and a branch landed on his car. He was ok, but it did do some damage to the car.
Tater was funny when his Mom came to pick him up, he had no idea what had gone on outside and when he saw the branches in our yard he looked at me and said "Holy cow!!!"
We finally got power back around 4 and it stayed on for a half an hour and it went off again. We left for church just before 5 (we had a wedding on Saturday and the rehearsal was Friday!!) but the power was back on when we got home. The church still had power, although it did have a large pine tree fall into the neighbor's bean field!
I didn't get a whole lot of pictures, but I did get a few. I will post what I have for you soon, and the pictures of Teddy and his haircut, I promise!!

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Jen said...

Wow! That seems like one intense storm!! I am glad you are ok and all is well! These summer thunderstorms can come up fast and be pretty intense! Cant' wait to see the pictures!