Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Quiet rainy day

That blog hop was fun! It's got me excited to show you some more of the pictures I have taken recently too! I am already looking forward to next weeks' hop!
Not much going on today, it's been cooler and raining off and on. I was supposed to go watch Big C play baseball, but because of the rain the game was cancelled. No kids until noon left me some time to catch up on some projects....VBS starts on Sunday and I have some typing work to do for the songs so we can show them over the projector during the assemblies. I got three out of the five songs done. Our theme this year is Surf'n God's Word. They have a sandcastle building contest planned, a game time with water balloons, some neat candles to make for crafts....we can't wait! I will have the group of kids that is going into 6th grade in the fall.
Tonight is a bridal shower for a friend at church. Hopefully we will have a good turn out. They are a newer couple to church and some people say they don't know them so they aren't sure they want to come.

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