Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Enjoying a great day off!

Logger Louie
The Logger Dog
The field

The baseball game last night was great! The LaCrosse Loggers beat the Green Bay Bullfrogs
8-4. It was alot of fun just to hang out with friends! The trip there was a bit stressful since the boys Dad was a bit later picking them up, but once we got there we had a great time! They had lots of little fun things going on between each inning and it was just a good time. C and I agreed that we would love to go back for another game. It's just too bad it isn't closer, it is quite a drive to get there!
I was reminded of a depressing thought last night PowerPoint for three weeks! It's a long story but it includes two trips and our yearly Family Camp/Outdoor Service/Baptism/Back to School Picnic. It's a good thing that I have four radio messages to type from cd (no or almost no notes for all four) and the hymnal index project to keep me busy! I'm also down to about three weeks left of teaching Sunday School. I'll miss it, but more and more I am thinking that I am ready for the break and excited about how much I will grow being under the teaching of the Ladies' Sunday School class.
I've been enjoying my day off today; I slept in (that felt great!), gone to Wal Mart, cleaned up and organized some things around the house, and I'm getting ready to go to a friend's place for my Zone Therapy treatment! I can't wait, I have been so stiff and had some pain and swelling in my bad foot and even some in my good foot lately, I am so glad that my appointment is today!! Not to mention the sleep that I will get! I sleep like a rock for three days or so after a treatment! Hopefully it will do some more good with these allergies too, I tell ya they have started in with a vengance! And of course being off my schedule today I forgot to take my allergy meds! K says it improves my mood too haha!
I have been looking at a couple of the comments left on some of my posts with pictures and been talking a little bit with K and we both came up with the same idea about the same time...and we thought that we would throw it out to you who are reading my blog, the few of you that there are :)! Anyways here it is....we wondered if anyone would be interested in seeing the sights around our town? It would give another side to one of our favorite things to do together, drive around and take pictures! We thought it would be fun (K is always asking "Did you post that picture on your blog?"), but if no one is interested we don't want to bore you! Let me know what you think!

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Jen said...

Sounds like you had a great day on your day off!! Hope your treatment went well! Thanks for the comment recently on my blog and for my blogoversary present!