Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finally, the pictures I promised!

Teddy before his haircut
Teddy after his haircut (with Casey)
The view out my front door after they had pushed the branches up into the yard.
More branches down just down the street.
Tree down behind the church and laying in the neighbor's bean field.

K was picking on Casey and used Tater's favorite superman cape for a photo op!
Soooo happy that it's naptime today! I think that the boys were up later than usual last night. Their Mom's brother is back home from Iraq and L and T went with Grandma and Grandpa to pick him up and Mom, Dad, and Tater joined them at the house when they got back.
They have been good today, but the tears have flown a little more freely and we have been just a little more short tempered than normal. Tater fell asleep almost immediately after I turned the naptime music on and T took a bit longer but crashed too! L had some quiet time and then the other family that I do daycare for called and wanted to take him swimming with them so off he ran! He will be good and worn out for Mom and Dad tonight!
Last night we found out that my brother's fiance will be deployed to Iraq within the next 30 days. This changes their wedding plans, they had December 12th chosen as a date, but now she won't be back in the states until maybe May.
After the kiddos leave this afternoon K and I are headed to a minor league baseball game. I am sort of excited to go, not for the hour drive, but it sounds like it will be alot of fun.


Jen said...

Wow! Those picture of the trees really show how powerful that storm was!! The picture of your doggies are precious! Man Teddy had a lot of hair!

I'll be praying for your future sister-in-law. I am sure it's not easy leaving especially when planning a wedding!

Brandi said...

WOW! That must have been some storm! Those are huge trees. Beautiful view from your front door ~ it looks so peaceful.