Sunday, January 03, 2010

December 25-
December 26-My brother in law's dog, Daisy.

December 27-My gift from the boys...I had a little help opening it before I even got it haha...Tateer was in the spirit!

December 28-A little window shopping with a gift certificate

December 29-Wanted this one to be a little different so I played with it a bit more in Photoshop. I used one of Harry's Filters...old film

December 30-Christmas Cheer

December 31-Basketball scrimmage

January 1-I know it's dark but I didn't want to show Tater's face on the blog....he was enjoying his play with these brass rings...not sure what they go to but he found alot of uses for them!

January 2-New cds and my Precious Moments book I look up the figurines in and record what I have...

January 3-K's new toy...Slimey

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