Tuesday, January 05, 2010

January 5 Yeah today has been one of those days. I wasn't even working and it was one of those days. The picture above is one of my Christmas gifts. I hadn't even worn it yet. I just threw it in the wash and this is how it came out. We went and returned it tonight. I got another one just like it, it's in the wash now. Hoping for the best.
It sounds like we are in for some more snow. I have heard anywhere from another 5-7 inches. I am already so tired of snow and winter!
Got a few more of the Precious Moments I won in the mail today. I won another auction this evening and have about fifteen dollars left to spend to buy maybe one more. I like to find those cheap auctions...the figurine for five dollars and maybe five dollars shipping, or even better free shipping! The hunt is part of the fun!
Hope you all had a better day than I did and tomorrow is a great one too!

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Jen said...

I am sorry you had ONE of those days!! I am glad you were able to exchange your shirt. Hopefully this one will hold up better!!

Hope tomorrow's a better day!! No snow here but it's suppose to be pretty cold later in the week!! Yeah, I am not a big fan of winter!! Ready for Spring weather for sure!