Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ok you can tell how shocked I was at that award because I completely forgot to list 7 things about myself that the award asks for!

Lets see....1. I really do not like raw tomatoes...very rarely will I eat one on a sandwich or something, but most of the time I will pick it off. However I love big chunks of cooked tomatoes in chili or things like that!

2. I love "different" colors of nail polish...not just the plain old pinks and reds. I love the deep blues, purples, greens, oranges, right now I'm wearing a sparkly silver. At one point one of my favorites was sparkly with some glow in the dark shapes, but that has long since dried up and I haven't been able to find any more. Sigh. Brandi I had to write this after reading your list and seeing what you wrote about your nail polish!

3. I have never lived totally on my own. I was 19 when I got married (12 happy years of marriage for K and I in 2009) and so I moved from living with my parents to living with the husband.

4. I LOVE music! Whether it's singing in church or one of the nursing homes when I am able, leading music in Awana or Sunday School, playing piano, or just listening to one of my cds music is a huge part of my life. Right now two favorites are Steven Curtis Chapman's Beauty Will Rise cd and Selah's You Deliver Me.

5. I had to wait until my 13th birthday to have my ears pierced the first time. Since then I've gone a little "crazy" and not only have my ears triple pierced on both sides, but I have an extra piercing above that on my right ear (partly for fun and partly to balance out the look since the trainee that did my first piercings got them a little crooked) and have the cartilege at the top of my right ear pierced. I used to have a second piercing up there as well but it has grown shut. K and I have discussed many times getting it repierced, but camera lenses and filters have since taken the place of that thought!

6. Our best friends inadvertantly started a collection of Precious Moments figurines for me....now I'm about as addicted to them as I am my pictures and camera!

7. And I admit it...I have lived a pretty sheltered Midwest life and have never seen the ocean! I really want to go at some point! I've had quite a few firsts in my life the last few years, including my first concert (Mercy Me, Aaron Shust, and Monk and Neagle) thanks to our best friends!

Well, there you go, seven random facts about me. And I pass this award along to the ladies that I mentioned alongside Brandi in my last post!

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