Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 10
This is my Project 365 photo for the day....we went for a drive and I took a few...I had a difficult time choosing between this one and the next one....

We had two great services at church today and then after the evening service we went on a "double date" with our best friends to see The Blindside! It was a really good movie! The only bad part was the theater was so full we sat up in the balcony and the seats there were so tight I lost feeling in my leg for a little while. It was worth it though!
I have tomorrow morning off and I will hopefully be able to catch up on my last few things around the house to finally be caught up and then I can relax! I'll have one kiddo in the afternoon but he'll be ready for some lunch and a nap when he gets here, and his Dad picks him up about 3, which should be just after he wakes up if he's still on schedule. Have to love a day of work like that!


Rebecca Jo said...

I love a picture that has a road leading to the unknown!!!

The blind Side was STILL that crowded? WOW!

Brandi said...

I want to see that movie! I love the road picture too...brrr! :)