Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12 This is the picture of the day for today....
but this one was a very close second.
I had fun getting a few pictures with my macro lens before the kids came things morning. School was two hours late due to fog. I love the delicate lacy like patterns and how it looks so soft and almost fuzzy. It's another picture I can sort of relate to although I didn't mean for it to be at the time...it's something cold and something that most people take for granted and barely give a second glance to. But if you look carefully and closely you see something beautiful and delicate. It sort of fits how I feel again.
This photo project is actually helping alot! I can snap a picture that fits my mood for the day and write about it a bit and just getting it out and clearning my mind helps....venting it out and then I can move on with other things...like I'm not ignoring the feelings or just stuffing them away, but doing something and relating to them. Sounds odd I know!
I ended up with the boys today, their Mom called again and said that someone had gotten sick so she had to work a full shift after all. It's been a good day with them, only a couple minor misunderstandings between them. R has spent the morning with Grandma and she will be dropping him off soon.
I've caught up a bit on some laundry and hopefully while the kiddos are sleeping I will be able to make some cards and catch up on those...then I can focus on editing some more pictures!

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Dani - tkdchick said...

Great job with the Macro lens!