Sunday, January 03, 2010

We had an excellent service in church this morning...Pastor spoke about having a pure heart. Looked at a few things a little differently this morning and it encouraged me to continue on with my "new start" for the new year!
Afterwards we went out to eat for a friend's 18th birthday with her family! We fully embarassed her by singing Happy Birthday in the middle of Pizza Hut!! We all had a great time!
We talked about taking the Christmas tree down and the lights that we have in the house, but K is napping so I don't know if that will happen....there's always tomorrow.
I also planned to download my pictures so I could share with you my week in far so good in taking at least one a day...but I forgot my camera at church. (We're working on a new website for our church so I always take my camera along just in case we have the opportunity to grab some pictures for that!) I should be able to get that done tonight after our evening service though....maybe I'll make that a scheduled blog post on Fridays or week in pictures...another way to keep me accountable in my goal with my pictures!

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Dani - tkdchick said...

I was kinda trying to figrue out the best way to share my picture a day... today its cold and icky out so a picutre of my cats will have to do LOL. I like the idea of sharing your week in pictures!