Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today is definately a better day! The weather is beautiful and I got the kiddos out to run off some energy. My Bug is off to school and Little Miss is fast asleep! Finally! We think she may be teething again...when she's teething she is CRANKY! She gets mad at her toys and throws herself around and no one can figure out what exactly has ticked her off. She was getting fussy around lunch time so I gave her a little Tylenol hoping she will be able to sleep. Mom said she had a long night last night, she was up at one am just unconsolable. So far she's been asleep for an hour now, hopefully we can get another hour out of the nap and she will be happy when she wakes up!

Not much on the agenda for the day other than chasing the Little Miss. K may be going out to finish up an electrical project he has been working on for some friends of ours and depending on what time he goes out I may be able to go with him and get another Zone Therapy treatment. I would LOVE that! If not the night will be full of folding more laundry and editing pictures. Either way it sounds like a good night to me.

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