Thursday, October 14, 2010

We had a great night at Awana last night! Lots of kids and their parents! We were missing a few in our group (I have a sort of joint group of 5th grade girls with another leader since I am also the Awana paparazzi and sometimes have to leave handbook/Counsel time to get pictures of the kids activities and things for the end of the year slideshow), but overall it was a great turn out and most of the kids brought a parent or grandparent!

I got a few more pictures edited yesterday, but not as many as I hoped to. Little Miss had a couple of melt downs and a divided nap time so I didn't get to work through her two hours of naptime that I normally have. Hopefully tonight and tomorrow afternoon I can get some more done! I am excited for our friends to see them, and a little nervous, hoping that they like them!

Just as I was writing this I got a call from another friend about taking pictures for the local VFW's Veteran's Banquet on November 6! K is either going to do the sound or the video for the program. As our "payment" for working they don't charge us for our tickets for our meal and the program. I'm excited! Another friend of ours is the speaker for the evening and I may get the chance to go and take some family pictures with them beforehand!

I got a call from my Aunt the other day that Grandma made it to the nursing home and stood the trip pretty well. They had already started physical therapy with her that day! She will probably be there for a few months, but she won't have to worry about stairs to get in and out of the house and the physical therapist is right there.

Well, my Bug is asking me to play with him so I guess that's it for now....who knows I may be back later!

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Brandi said...

Oh no... the divided nap. NOT one of my favorites! I happen to enjoy the long 2 hour break (or even 3 if I can get it). :) I bet your friends will LOVE the pics.

So glad your grandma is doing good! I'll be praying she heals up fast and only has a short stay at the nursing home.