Thursday, October 07, 2010

What do you know I'm back again! It's only 9 am and I am SO ready for Little Miss to go down for her nap! She is contstantly getting into things she shouldn't and when I try to sit her down with some toys and play with her she gets mad and pushes them away and throws a temper tantrum! The joys of a one year old! So for now she is in her pack and play with some books and toys and singing away!

Awana last night was crazy! We have a new game leader in the 5 & 6 grade group and he's feelinga little overwhelmed and the kids are taking advantage of that and not listening and talking and pushing and shoving with friends and it's getting out of control. I think our Commander is going to have a little "chat" with them about that next week. My group of girls were wonderful! They were all ready and passing sections and helping each other. We had a great time! I'm really enjoying getting to know these girls, when they are finished with their sections each week I give them time to write in a notebook to me. They can write anything they want, tell me about their school day, what's going on in their lives, questions about Awana or anything they want to ask me, prayer requests...anything they want me to know. Last year this didn't go so well, but this year they (and I) have really been enjoying it! It helps me to understand them and get to know them a little better as well!

I'm slowly but surely getting our friend's senior pictures edited. I'm having to do some "erasing" of some sound equipment in some of the shots with the piano so it's taking a bit longer, but it looks alot nicer! I will post some of them as soon as I can get them finished up!

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