Friday, October 22, 2010

Yay it's Friday! I only worked a half day today and the it's a beautiful sunny day!

I went to visit a friend who is in the hospital. She went in to the hospital with some breathing troubles and was sent to another hospital an hour or so away to undergo triple bypass surgery. She is one of my adopted Grandmas from church, such a sweet lady. The surgery went well and the doctors were pleased and she was released to come to our local hospital, which is only a couple blocks from me. She looked really good and was in good spirits. I told her that if she really wanted to be pampered and waited on hand and foot there were better ways to go about it and she laughed.

Trying to get ready for the S family photo shoot tomorrow. I have a bunch of ideas written in my little notebook; now I just need to charge my camera battery and download the pictures that are on my memory card onto the computer. If the timing works out I have some school type pictures to do for another friend in the afternoon. It was also suggested that I take the pictures for our church's new photo directory (we haven't had one done in six years or so) and that got K looking on ebay for some fabric backdrops. I'm looking for something that could be used for alot of different pictures, something professional looking. I found a gray and blue that I really like. I also found two other more "fun" ones too. Who knows maybe some day I won't be doing daycare and I'll be a "professional" photographer instead haha!

A bit of "clarification" I guess you'd call it on the favor I asked in my last post...I know two ways to make a photo a combination of black and white and color, but both are pretty labor intensive I guess you'd say....I'm hoping that someone has a little secret hint or trick that they can share with me! I would really appreciate it! Brandi thanks for your idea for a contact, I will be heading over to that blog here soon! I appreciate it!

Well, not much new and exciting around here...I better get going on some typing I have to finish and my Sunday School lesson for Sunday.

Hope you are having a great day!

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