Monday, October 11, 2010

Ugh it's definately a Monday! The kids are cranky and so am I!
It was a long night last night catching up with some family and with the heat wave we have had here lately it was hard to get to sleep because it was so warm in our room! Saturday we got up to 93 degrees, and yesterday we hit 85!
First I got ahold of my cousin's wife to finally get some information on my Grandma. We got a call that she had fallen and broken her arm and it would need surgery, but other than that I had no information. My cousin's wife was a bit upset, as was I, because she thought that my Aunt was calling me. She had been calling my Mom, but Mom has been having some of her bad days memory wise and couldn't remember what my Aunt had said after she called....I can't understand why my Aunt couldn't at least email me if she didn't want to call. I am not the most popular member of that side of the family but I'm still upset about that. Thankfully my cousin's wife called and told me what is going on and promised to call me if she hears anymore.

Then we called K's family and found out that not only did his Mom not have the procedure that she was supposed to have done on her neck but she was in a car accident on Thursday! She is doing ok, a little stiff and sore, especially in her neck which she's been having pain issues with beforehand anyway, but she's planning to go back to work tomorrow.

Nothing planned for tonight, probably a full night of laundry and editing pictures. I'm still working on getting the senior pictures edited for our friend, once I get those done and a cd off to her I will post some of what I have been taking here.

Hope you all are having a great day!

Had to edit here to say that the afternoon and evening got much better and after having a little ice cream I'm now getting ready to head to bed and relax!

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