Monday, October 18, 2010

Wow, the weekend really flew by! We had a great time on Saturday; we went to watch L and T play in their last flag football game and I got some great pictures, made a Wal Mart run for a few necessities, and then it was back home to finish up my typing work.

We didn't do alot on Sunday, we went out to lunch with PM and C and I tried to take a little nap....but I just kept thinking about what I had to do yet and couldn't relax and go to sleep so I got up and started to edit pictures. I got a message from J asking for all the basketball pictures I could send him, I laughed and told him that he didn't know what he was asking for,but quickly got going on that project. He leaves today for Afghanistan. Praying for wisdom and safety for him. He'll be gone for about a year from the sounds of it.

The kids have a three hour early out from school today. Bug is a bit upset that means no school for him, but his brothers will be coming to play with him after they get out, so that should make him happier. Hopefully I can get some pictures of them playing in the leaf pile after K gets home and is here to help me keep an eye on the Little Miss.

Otherwise I don't think there is a whole lot planned for the day....laundry, laundry, and more laundry of course and I suppose that I should work ahead on my Sunday School lesson and the next church newsletter. We were invited to a wedding next weekend, I'm not sure we're going, but it never hurts to be ahead with things, right?!

Well Little Miss is starting to fuss, so I guess that means my time is done for now, it's been a pretty boring post here anyway lol....if I think of anything more exciting to share I'll be back!

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