Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy Birthday!!!!

Well I had planned to write yesterday, but I got caught up enjoying the day! It was my birthday yesterday and I have to say that it was the best one yet! I had lots of wonderful surprises and I really felt loved. It was nice after all the stuff that I have had going on lately.....anyway this is supposed to be a happy post!!!!!
The day started out with K staying home from work, super nice, although it made it extremely hard to get up and to go and work out! I'm glad that I went though I felt really good and ready to start the day! I got home to get started on the work portion of the day and things went by fairly quickly and soon it was time to get Mr. C off to school. We made a quick stop at Kwik Star to get some orange juice and a nice big Mt. Dew to get me all caffienated for the morning and then it was off to church with our regularly scheduled play day with K2's kids and K worked on some things he hadn't been able to get to with his work schedule lately. We all had a good time and K2 even got the kids into singing Happy Birthday to me, follwed by her daughter A singing me her own rendition complete with zoo references! After the appropriate tickle "punishment" for that one we started to get ready to head home for lunch. It took us longer than usual to get ready and get out the door one, because we had K with us and we had to wait for him to finish up the project he was working on and two, because while I was trying to get the girls to clean up and get ready to go the phone rang and I was trying to watch kids, visit with my friend J and take a message for Pastor from her all at the same time!
We finally got home and K ordered me pizza from Pizza Hut (finally my choice Supreme pizza! Yeah!) and also ordered some dessert bread sticks for us. I went out to check the mail and found that the local florist had tried to make a delivery but since we were away left a notice for us to come and get it or call them, so K went and picked it up when he went to get the pizza. He came home with a balloon from the T girls with some jelly beans for a weight and some BEAUTIFUL flowers and a balloon from him!!! The girls LOVED the treat of Pizza Hut pizza for lunch and quickly ate and then got ready for nap. Monster also gave me her own little present by going potty on the potty!!! Something that happened only once that day and of course no repeat performance today!
I filled out some thank you notes while they were napping and read the book that I had just gotten in the mail that I had won on ebay ( birthday money from Grandma), checked my email to find a little birthday note from one of the T girls (B) and soon it was time to get ready and go to get Mr C from school. Mr C and Miss M's Mom was right on time and Monster's Mom got here early so I had a little down time before I got changed and got ready to head over to Mom and Dad's for birthday supper with my Mom (Dad works nights). She made a delicious Twinkie cake and I got some wonderful gifts from them too. And before I knew it, it was time to be off and running once again, we had prayer meeting at church that night. We made a quick stop in K's sound room and found a note from Pastor with a list of the choruses that we are doing and a little note for K about one of his son's ball games with a little happy birthday to me on the bottom too. We head upstairs to the meeting and Pastor points out that it is my birthday and I receive many happy birthdays and a little discussion on the day. Then during our little acapella singing time he requests a special and starts every one singing Happy Birthday to me! I was slightly embarrassed, but it was nice to feel the friendship you know what I mean?? After prayer meeting we had practice and I was immediately bombarded with hugs and Happy Birthdays from two of the T girls, J and B. They are such great girls, I am so thankful to count them as friends! I got another Happy Birthday from K1, and from our guitar player D too. We practiced and then Pastor started playing a few songs for us to sing along with just for fun, including one of my favorites. I commented that this was the perfect way to spend a birthday, with great friends having fun! Then at the end of our little sing along Pastor broke out into another round of the Happy Birthday song playing along on the piano and had everyone singing, including a heavily caffienated K1,J, and B! Then he sang me this beautiful birthday prayer song! I almost cried! I told K it was like having my own private concert! We finished the night by helping to pack Pastor's stuff in boxes so he can finish getting moved over to the old parsonage (right beside the church) for his new office for the time being. The rest of the girls and the two guitar players left and I helped him carry one of the boxes over while K finished up his work and got in the car to find another birthday note from an anonymous person written on a napkin that they stuck under the windshiled wiper of my car! My Mother in law called while we were in church too!
The night had a few other high points, lots of giggles and some Moo's ( a joke that started with a simple greeting card) while we joked at the wall between the old auditorium and Pastor's old office tumbling down, B trying to drink out of my water bottle without using the straw so she wouldn't get me sick and giving up to go downstairs to get a cup only to drink most of it and find a film of old milk at the bottom which she drank some of and couldn't get the taste out of her mouth!, and a good talk with Pastor while we were carrying boxes over and looking around his new office. Things had gotten a bit of an early start on 'Wednesday too with K1 bringing me some beautiful flowers and a hilarious card and then a singing of Happy Birthday by the Awana group and a "We love you, Moo!" from K1 and K2! It was a great birthday! The best one yet I keep saying! I just feel so loved, which was just really needed right now. I am so thankful for all my friends and family and I just feel so blessed! I am very thankful for all the people who God has put into my life and I just hope that I can be as good of a friend to them as they have been to me!

And....last but certainly not least.....Happy Birthday to another friend, Holli! Hope you had as good of a day as I had!!!!

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holli said...

Happy, happy Birthday to my FRIEND!!!! You deserve the wonderful birthday it sounds like you had.. I'm so happy for you!!!

Mine was rather dull.. unpacking - and most of my family was gone. But we will celebrate later. In the meantime, I'm so pleased to read about your concert. How perfect!!