Monday, January 09, 2006

Pretty good for a Monday!

Today has been a good day, shocking for a Monday I know! Monster's Mom said that she was up early this morning but she was in a very good mood by the time she got here! Miss M said that she was feeling better, but getting out of the car after taking Mr. C to school she said she was sad, and when I asked her why she said she didn't know. We put in a Bob the Builder movie and got some cuddle time in and now she is a happy camper again....I think it was just the Monday blues.
Miss M did a very good job on her worksheet about beginning sounds today! There was a picture of Pooh and it said that Pooh liked to read in bed, circle the thing in the picture that had the same beginning sound as bed, and she circled the book right away! It is so neat to see her as she thinks things through and comes up with the answer! She gets so excited when she gets the right answer too!
Tonight B ( a daughter of some friends of ours) has a basketball game at the Fitness Center and K and I are going to try to go. Now that my knitting teacher has gone south for the winter my Monday nights seem empty!
I finished scarf number 18 yesterday afternoon and I started scarf number 19. This is the one that another friend from church wants me to make for her daughter. I did end up getting a bit more yarn at Wal Mart on Saturday too....I was putting the scarf that I made to go with my good winter coat on and discovered that it had come apart in one spot and unraveled a good chunk, so I bought more of that color to make a new one. I will still use the unraveled one some, but I do want to have a nice one too.....
Well, off to finish up with the laundry!

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holli said...

I wish we lived closer so you could teach me how to knit (like you have time!!!)

I'm glad you had a better Monday than Friday..

you are a knitting fool, girl!!