Friday, January 06, 2006

One of those days!

It's a good thing today is Friday! I just knew it was going to be one of those days when I woke up this morning....or should I say when K woke me up! And you should know that almost never happens! I am almost always the first one awake....back in the time before I used to get up and go to the Fitness Center before dawn I would wake up and make sure that K was awake. Left to himself he would sleep until nine or ten, even with an alarm! Aaaaanyway, today I really had no ambition to work out, and when I got to the Fitness Center I found that my friend did not either. We did alot of walking and a few weights, but ended up calling it a day early.
Monster was in a mood right away this morning, I really wondered what the day would be like with her, but her mood has changed drastically and she is the happy little chipmunk that I know and love! Miss M on the other hand has complained of a headache, and had her first potty accident here. She felt so bad, I think that between just not feeling well and being tired she just waited too long, but when I walked into the room she burst into tears. Poor baby! I found her a pair of K's sister's pjs she used to wear (I somehow inherited alot of his youngest brother and sister's clothes from when they were small) and all is well again. She was so excited to get to wear the pajamas I don't know if I will be able to get her to change once her clothes are out of the wash! Ahh well, there are worse things in life than to be able to just hang out in one's pajamas all day!

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holli said...

Agreed.. if I could live in pajama pants, that would be the life!!

I hope everyone feels better, and I'm with you.. TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for being you. You've really made me smile a lot lately.